Amelix Rules of Life


Here at Amelix we have 6 rules of Life:

Number1Value for Money: This is simple; honest and transparent pricing. On the surface we’re perhaps not the very cheapest on the market but we will be sure to be honest about cost from the outset and won’t hit you with any unexpected costs further down the line.

Number2Good quality: High standards, attention to detail, being honest and delivering on promises. We don’t cut corners to save a few pounds. We are proud and passionate about everything we do and therefore will not accept second best.

Number3Brilliant Customer Service: Friendly, human and relaxed; professional but not corporate. Our awards for customer service are proof of this. We treat our customers as individuals and pay our staff bonuses based on customer satisfaction survey results. We pride ourselves on the long-term relationships we build with clients and endeavour to really understand their needs.

Number4Innovation: Challenging convention with big and little product / service ideas; innovative, modern and stylish design, this is only the start, we understand that innovation comes from collaboration. We are committed to this and it is this ability that has lead us to innovate and lead the field in a number of services we offer.

Number5The Constant Pursuit of Getting it Right: We would hate to think that we only ever did things because we had to, or that we never changed things because they had always been done that way.  We constantly challenge everything we do and will change anything if we can see it benefiting our people, clients or suppliers.

Number6Fun: Globally, companies take themselves too seriously. We think it’s important to provide the public, our customers and staff with entertainment; making Amelix the best place for our people to work. You will always find us doing fun things with our clients and staff. So far we have been off road driving, partying around Europe and running regular competitions to win stuff.