Dont Forget Your Passport 2015

PassportIt’s back for 2015! Our boss Louis Hurst  has got the company credit card out in anticipation to take the company away for the annual ‘Don’t Forget Your Passport’ Christmas party, the name says it all really doesn’t it. Every year the plan is none of the staff know where they are going, they are just told to meet at an airport at a certain time with their passports and an overnight bag.

When at the airport there’s a big purple envelope that reveals the destination for the annual Christmas knee’s up! In 2013 the company went to Barcelona, last year the destination was Lisbon. This year the entire company will be away on Thurs 3rd and Fri 4th December

Why are we telling you this? Well it’s not because we are uberexcited or because we want to make you feel jealous, it’s more to warn you that we will have very limited people around on both days and responding to emails / phone calls may take slightly longer than normal.

Our plan is to take the entire team,  so we are currently working on a plan to divert phones and emails to mobiles so everyone can join in the fun (We know an awesome Telecom’s company!), one of the Directors who is a bit of a bah -humbug will also be  left behind to deal with any emergencies in our absence. We will also have access to key platforms to be able to offer emergency support and assistance, but the general day to day running of the group will be slowed down a little.

We wanted to give you as much notice as possible about our planned important work related seasonal trip (Jolly), and also to say sorry for any inconvenience this will cause you. Your usual contacts will be working with you over the next few weeks to make sure that our party causes the least possible disruption.

It feels odd saying it in October but Merry Christmas from team Amelix.