Our Planet


Amelix is to become a cleaner, greener and better place to work.

We are constantly monitoring the company’s carbon footprint. We want to become carbon neutral ASAP and our overall aim is to eventually become a carbon positive company by introducing some simple measures to our business operations.

What we have already introduced across all our sites:

But all of this is just the start. We are introducing car sharing initatives for all our staff, will be rewarding those who think about the environment when coming to work and as a business are promoting company sponsored green events.

We have also carbon offset all company travel journeys and all of our sourced materials where possible come from sustained sources.

In 2009 we made every promotion we undertook carbon neutral by offsetting the carbon footprint of that activity. We extend the opportunity to be green to our customers and are proud to say that every promotion you use Amelix for, will be Carbon Neutral.

Being green is not just about energy elements, but also about supporting local economies whenever and wherever possible. All of our imported goods arrive from safe suppliers that have been independently checked and verified and the products come from clean factories that are free from Child Labour and pay market wage rates; we believe and are committed to promoting sustainability  in commerce and trade.

Check out your carbon footprint online with the Carbon Calculator.