Amelix looks to help and support organisations that strive to make a significant and positive impact in the community.

We want our support to be used where it touches a large number of people, and currently offer backing to a number of organisations involved with:

We are open to supporting organisations in other categories, provided they satisfy our sponsorship mandate.

To receive support from Amelix, an organisation must be either located within one of the areas we serve, or be a registered charitable organisation in an area of the world we are working closely on a medium to long term project.

How to Apply

If you would like sponsorship from Amelix and believe your organisation might be eligible for support, please send us a written request (unfortunately we are unable to accept telephone solicitations) containing the following information:

1.   How your organisation has a positive impact on the community.

2.   How your organisation will use our support to increased positive effect.

3.   A brief background to your organisation.

4.   Details of the money/goods you are requesting.

5.   The date of any hosted events or when you will require programme funding (if applicable).

6.   The date of your request.

7.   Your organisation’s charitable number.

8.   Contact information (including your name, phone number, mailing address and e–mail address if available).

You can send us your request for sponsorship via mail, fax or e-mail at sponsorship@amelix.co.uk

Should you wish Amelix to sponsor a particular project or event, please write to us (by any of the above methods) outlining the following:

      • How many people will be involved in the event (including participants and spectators).
      • What types of people will attend/watch the event? (Age, gender, social group, income etc.).
      • A brief history of the event or organiser (including any major successes etc.).
      • Any plans for the future of the event/organsier.
      • Whether or not the event has been sponsored in the past.
      • Whether or not the media will be involved.
      • What measures will be taken to publicise the sponsorship.
      • Any other benefits Amelix will receive as a sponsor.How much the sponsorship will cost (indicating what the money will be spent on, and showing clearly how Amelix will increase the success of the project).
      • How the sponsorship will be managed (e.g. club contract, monitoring of attendance, media coverage etc.).
      • Why Amelix should invest in your project rather than another (i.e. what are its unique selling points).