One Road Many Users

One Road Many Users

The “One Road Many Users” School Tour was created when Metro West Yorkshire Yorkshire and Sheffield Council commissioned Amelix to tackle the issue of safe and sustainable school travel. They wanted an interactive way to communicate important safety and sustainability messages to students in secondary schools  and to encourage them to think more carefully about the way they use the road.

The shows consists of interactive games, information, dance and musical performances. By using a multi sensory way of learning; appealing to all types of learners be they visual, tactile/kinaesthetic or auditory, the One Road Many Users school tour aims to efficiently engage each and every student.

As well as performances from many up and coming music stars of the future Amelix worked with its partners in the music industy and managed to get popular boyband JLS to endorse the project.

The One Road Many Users tour launched with a pilot of 12 schools and reached over 8000 pupils. Each student was given a questionnaire to complete on the show and their opinions on various aspects of the show and thier opinions on the show

The results proved that the School Tour engagment concept really works for engaging young people and now working through a national organisation called Modeshift Amelix is hoping to role out the pilot of the programme and will be taking the tour back to Barnsley later this year as well as bidding for funding in other parts of the UK.

Susan Walker, Sustainable Education Travel Coordinator for Leeds City Council said “The one road many users school tour is an innovative way in engaging our young people to think about how they travel to school in a safe, sustainable way.  The interactive music led show has the credibility and entertainment needed in schools to ensure that   the messages we want to portray to pupils are remembered and discussed in a positive way”.

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