School Tours


Amelix School Tours are impressive all-singing all-dancing roadshows that we take on tour around schools in the UK.

Our creative team devise unique and credible tours that have a huge impact and leave a lasting message and memory.

What happens in the show?

The concept of our tours has been developed alongside psychologists to build a fun and vibrant road show structured around subliminal learning incorporating a variety of learning styles to communicate a message.

Youth engagement is key. We use specific messages which are relevant to the subject of the show, and through games, entertainment and visual devices these messages are learnt and enjoyed, with participation being a major factor.

How does it work?

There is no doubting that 11-18yr olds are a tough demographic to target, but our  roadshow format makes the message credible and understandable and many of our clients have seen impressive results to campaigns when we have applied our School Tour methodology.

During all of our projects the students are not being reprimanded, preached to or patronised; they are being exposed to a message that is relevant to their lifestyle, in a way that is appropriate to them.

Amelix School Tours can be written to reach all year groups in a school and recent client research has shown they have an 85% better success rate for getting messages understood by year 9 & 10 students than traditional school visits.

What do you get?

As every tour is designed for each client nothing is off the shelf, so the work we do varies from project to project. However; your account manager will…

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