Science Happens Everyday


The “Science Happens Everyday” agency workshop was devised by Amelix for Kent County Council (KCC), to encourage more Key Stage 3 learners to think about Science, not only as an option for A Level, but also in their daily life and careers.

There is a common misconception that science is all about test tubes, white coats and lab conditions. The reality is 45% of employers are finding it hard to recruit staff with basic STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

The Science Happens Everyday agency competition was in essence a large competition that gave year 9 students the opportunity to battle it out with other schools to create an advert which would make young people think more about science as an option and career path.

Amelix turned schools into advertising agencies for the day, delivering interactive full day workshops which were initially piloted in schools across Kent from April – September 2011.  The day was split into sections; starting with a presentation involving facts and statistics, getting the students to think about how they use science, as well as playing some games to help them remember what they had learnt.

The second session of the day involved the young people splitting into groups to create radio adverts which will advertise how important science is and how a good knowledge of STEM subjects can help them with any job or career that they would wish to have in the future.

The day culminated with the students performing their scripts to their peers to help and encourage them really understand the importance of STEM in everyday life.

Laura Siminson from Amelix said:

“It was fantastic to see young people be creative when talking about science. Our teams in the schools reported some real out of the box thinking and it was fascinating to see attitudes and thoughts towards science change throughout the day.”

When putting together content for the workshop Amelix worked with students from Canterbury College to produce a short video about science happening everyday in the workplace. The students from Canterbury College  (Media Course) visited various places around Kent, including; Kent Fire and Rescue, BMI Healthcare Hospitals, Kent County Cricket Club and Kent Police CSI, to capture how science plays a part in a number of careers and how it happens every day in Kent.

Amelix also produced a teacher information pack along with all the material needed for the day.

At the end of the project all the adverts were then shortlisted and judged by a panel consisting of members from KCC, the Amelix management team, and other careers experts from CXK (Connexions Kent) and the science world, including members of the management team at Kent Science Park who supported the project.

The winning school was announced as Valley Park Maidstone, and the winning group were visited by the KMFM producers to record their winning advert and it will be played across Kent on KMFM andKMFM Extra throughout January.

Amelix Valley Park Science Happens Everyday KCC by Amelix

Heather Grey, 14-19 Planning and Commissioning Officer for Kent County Council said “We were really keen to see the work produced by the students during their Science workshops. The standard of entries was high with some particularly impressive scripts produced. The winning advert sounds great and I hope that all students involved are proud of their work!”

Amelix is delighted to be working on other Youth Project ideas for Kent County Council.

You can see a copy of the Teacher Information pack here.